Wednesday 11 March 2009

Wine with merguez

Niven and Sabeen's present from France for looking after Seamus "the sushi muncher" was a kilo of merguez. A favourites of mine, spicy red sausages made from mutton and beef. I lived off them in France. Think they're north African in origin but not sure if the recipe was brought over or invented in France? They come in mild or spicy, these ones were quite mild. I've never understood why they're not more popular.

They don't need much embellishment, just some frites and a blob of Dijon mustard. And, for near perfection, sliced stale baguette popped into a basket lined with kitchen roll. Then all that's missing is a wonky Oringina umbrella and a stroppy French girl. Neither, alas, very practical in a flat. 

We also got a bottle of Roussette de Savoie, but I'm determined to try that with something cheesy. So, instead, went for another M&S wine. The Argentinian EL ESTECO TANNAT 2008. It worked a treat. The overt fruitiness of the new world held in check by, as the name suggests, a lot of tannin. For me the two balanced each other well. It's got a real rusticity about it.... and so have the sausages. Not a glugger, but a good country food wine.
I paid £5.99 and was happy. Until I turned up a few days later and spotted it's now on promotion, down £1.50 a bottle. At that price it's really good value.
Later on, clearing up the last two sausages, I made a discovery that might explain why they're so tasty, and, perhaps, not so popular:

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