Tuesday 3 March 2009

Jap Tang Bab

Lunch at my favourite Korean restaurant Kokuryo. Actually it's the only Korean restaurant I've ever been to. Friends who've visited Korea tell me it's pretty authentic and there's always lots of Koreans chomping away inside. Over the last year I've eaten everything on the lunch menu but this is the dish I keep coming back to. "Is that how you pronounce it?" I asked the waitress this time, "I've no idea", she said,"I'm Japanese!". Oh how we laughed.
Anyway jap tang bab is £6 at lunchtime and they throw in side dishes and a miso soup. It's a spicy mix of green lip mussels, squid, whole baby octopus, king prawns, clams and every now and then a few scallops too. It's delicious. Since I have to go back to work green tea's my drink. But I've checked out the wine list- it's straightforward and small but looks very good value with house wine coming in about £10.99. It was 'Cuvee Richard' which I used to buy in Majestic.  A pretty quaffable plonk. 

Kokuryo: 1138 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8TD: 0141 334 5566
They do home delivery and sushi too!

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