Monday 2 March 2009

Funky wine

A few years ago I was watching an interview with a big French 'nose' from a big French perfume maker. It was all very interesting in an "oh, that's interesting" sort of way, when, out of the blue he announced that the most erotic smell known to mankind is that of rotting human flesh. Monsieur 'Le Nez' went on to say that another very erotic smell, albeit not quite as arousing as those not for rousing, was that of babies faeces. As a result, in small doses, both became important perfume ingredients. Somewhat unconvincingly he insisted that nowadays they were artificially simulated.
Nuits Saint Georges, Premier Cru, Domaine des Pedrix 1999
I've been eyeing this wine across the Costco isles for some time now. Those alluring, 'come hither' eyes from the Partridge on the label. But it always seemed a bit out of my league. Then last week something came over me, what the hell, I was seized by desire.... I just had to have it, oh, and it was the last bottle! I secreted it away ready for the right moment.... which turned out to be last night, just 3 nights later. Note to self, must improve self control.
Delectable stuff. A smokey bouquet reminiscent of good lapsang tea with more than a hint of strawberries. Noticeable browning at the rim. Perfectly balanced palate with hints of powdered ginger, glucose and an unmistakable wallop of funk. A real sense of decay, but in a very sexy life affirming way. Then, when it's almost over, a post swallow hit of classy tobacco. Nice. (approx. £22 if there's any left)

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