Friday 27 March 2009

The Imperious Urge

Just popped into my local Sainsbury's to buy venison sausages for tea. Looking for something to help wash them down my eyes strayed to the "too expensive for you mate" section. Where all the wines have those plastic security necklaces. Now, I've been offered all kinds of interesting things in bars and minicabs before, some of which I've accepted, but never fine claret!
Anyway, I spotted this 14 year old St Emilion with a whopping £10 knocked off. Down from £19.99 to £9.99. Seized somewhat by the moment I lifted the bottle in view and climbed up the shelves where a bit of groping around the back produced another two.
It's a genuine reduction because I remember it appearing sometime last year. Yes, that is sad, but you really don't see 14 year old wines in supermarkets that often. On the label it says this wine was released especially for Sainsbury's. And I believe them..... but mainly cos I've just bought three.
So far this is a bit of a tease, I can't keep writing about Chateau Simard without actually trying it. So here goes.

The cork looks sound and has a branded '95 on top.... nice. It comes off without breaking, so could have been kept reasonably well.

Mmm, it's a very light colour, more Burgundy than Bordeaux looking. Still, it is nearly 14 years old.

Smell, initially, err, well not very much really. "Bordeauxy" is the best I can come up with. Actually it seems a bit watery.... oh bugger. Fortunately with 10 minutes in the glass it's starting to flesh out and become more complex. Phew. Right, enough blogging, I'm away to savour my new bargain.


  1. Lucky you! If only my local Sainsbury had treasures like that lurking about...might have to do bit more sleuthing around next time im in there!