Tuesday 31 March 2009

Savoie Fayre

Angus and Judith came for dinner on Saturday. Angus, just back from snowboarding in France, turned up with L'Pelio Morzine. According to the label it's a 'saucisson de Savoie sans colorant'. As you can see, another guest became obsessed by it.
L'Pelio Morzine was delicious, that great French saucisson taste, and this one had walnuts too.
Angus has a new iPhone, and, like all the iPhone users I've encountered, spends a great deal of time showing it off.

We started off with my latest soup, 'Rockpool'. I've been on a bit of a Japanese trip lately, without ever actually going to Japan. Eventually I hope to create a dish that really is a rock-pool. Filled with live stuff swimming among the seaweed. Until then it's a stock made from kombu and water, clams opened in sake and a sprinkling of wakame. It's seriously delicious.

Next we had sashimi: Salmon, tuna and mackerel. My cutting skills are basic, I delude myself that I'm adding "rusticity" to this fine art. Fortunately the fish, from Macallums, was wonderful.

Wine matching was less successful. Despite very helpful steers from The Winesleuth I'm still struggling to match Japanese food with wine. Suggestions welcome. This one worked best for me. From Oddbins at £5.99 a bottle. It's delicious. Limey, zesty, refreshing and with that bit of sweetness I'm increasingly convinced Japanese food needs in a wine.

There were, of course, other courses. But we were all enjoying ourselves too much and I forgot to photograph them.

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