Friday 13 March 2009

I hate myself.... for loving you!

It stands for everything I like to think I don't. Peter Lehmann Wild Card Shiraz 2006 is a mass market, widely available brand from a company now owned by the Hess Group. On HG's website it says: "core activities are as a leading provider of brand name products in the beverage industry". Oh the mystery, the terroir, the thousand year history. 

So, on the face of it, a real wine of our times. It screams inclusion, people who drink this don't need it taxed out of self harm's way. Shiraz swillers are stakeholders, they vote. 

And yet........ it's really rather nice. Actually, it's better than that, it's bonza mate! Bloody good! A sweet jammy nose, fruity palate and a really good structure. This is my default "there's no wine in" wine. They sell it at the Coop across the road, and just now it's £4.99. Normally £5.99.  At either price it's a steal. I can't think of any other widely available wine I'd rather drink at this price. But any suggestions greatly appreciated!

According to Wikipedia Peter Lehmann sounds like he was a bit of a maverick...  that makes me feel a little less dirty.

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