Tuesday 18 January 2011

Mzouda Restaurant - a Moroccan in Glasgow (***Update 7/6/11: NOW CLOSED DOWN)

Mzouda sits in that strange bit of Glasgow's West End, once known as Sandyford and now generally referred to as 'behind the Mitchell library'. If you're in the area and don't fancy Karaoke with your curry, or an alcoholic drink, then it's worth a visit.

The food's described as being Moroccan with Spanish leanings. I booked it through 5pm.co.uk for the frankly astonishing promise of £8.95 for two courses. I can't cook my own dinner for that price.

In the absence of alcohol we went for a couple of delicious and authentically very sweet fruit cocktails @ £2.50 each. One was mint and vanilla and the other raspberry and rose. Seriously good.

It's a small set menu but interesting enough and who's complaining at this price? Here it is:


Harira, wholesome soup with chick peas, tomatoes and coriander

Fish Roulade, fresh Mediterranean fish rolled in crispy filo pastry,

Briwat, goat cheese and spinach wrapped in crisp filo pastry (v)

Ensalada de Pollo, leaves, goujons of chicken with honey & mustard dressing

Lentejas estofadas green lentils, potatoes, garlic and bay leaves (v)

Mzouda Lamb, tender fillet with honey, raisins & almonds, with sweet rice

Bacalao Pil Pil, Cod with garlic, chilli and parsley, served with mashed potatoes

Mechoui, tender kebabs of marinated chicken and chunky chips

Alcachofas Estofadas, artichoke, potato and pea casserole (v)

Djaj bel Hamed, Chicken, preserved lemons, olives & potatoes


Really enjoyed the Fish Roulade, it tasted like salt cod creamed with garlic to me.

The chicken goujons had a healthy dose of cinnamon and tasted almost Chinese.

Couldn't decide between the cod or the artichoke for mains, so after considerable dithering, I blurted out "Lamb".

Glad I did. Delicious, rich and tender. Just the thing for a cold, damp January night in Glasgow, although it left us far too full for deserts.

For the price, the food and service is very good. The interior needs a bit of work though.

'Tenting the ceiling?' was one suggestion, some Moroccan rugs on the walls might help too and more subdued lighting would be good. Tonight there were only two other tables in, so the atmosphere was a little lacking, but I'd still recommend a visit because it's truly remarkable value for money.

141 Elderslie Street,
Glasgow G3 7AW
0141 221 3910

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  1. Ate here for the second time last night and absolutely loved it!!

    Small menu, but by far quality over quantity!!

    Highly recommend for such reasonable prices!

  2. this restaurant is now closed

  3. Thanks for the info anon, I didn't know. What a shame.