Monday 3 January 2011

An Elixir of Extraordinary Powers

Roll up, roll up. 'Dr' Wine Splodge proudly presents his 'restorative tonic'. Capable of reinvigorating livers and humours amid the aftermath of that digestive carnage called Christmas. Indeed, regular usage of this wonder draft has even been proven to aid both cognitive capabilities and attraction to the opposite sex. What's more, as a reward for the goodness of your custom, I shall be parting, not with bottles of this most precious of potions, but with the very recipe itself!

This is all you will need. Oh, and a drop of this....

Squeeze the pomegranate as you would an orange, then pass through a sieve into a jug.

Top with Prosecco et voila. A droplet of Angostura aromatic bitters works wonders with it too.

This elixir will, I promise, cure all afflictions known to man, woman or child. Alas though, it's not yet suitable for teddy bears.

'Teddy Bears Picnic' by Omar Zingaro Bhatia. Otherwise known as "My Christmas Present to Myself". CLICK HERE FOR OMAR'S BLOG.

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