Wednesday 2 December 2009

You're Unbelievable

I've mentioned this wine before but fear it may have been undersold. Just to make sure I don't make the same mistake again: this is UNBELIEVABLE value for money.

As the label says, morello cherries, if you don't like them, don't buy it. If you do, or even if you're indifferent, buy it. In fact buy loads of it, because just now M&S are offering 25% off any 6, bringing this one in at the frankly incredible price of £2.99 a bottle.

Tonight it went with Caponata, however, as a result of extensive testing, I can also confirm it goes with: pizza, pasta, crisps, dips, cottage pie, chilli con carne, stuffed vegetables, roast chicken, duck, and mystery fridge stuff on crackers. Cin cin.

One word of caution. M&S do other wines in this range with similar labels. They are definitely NOT in this league.


  1. Thanks for this suggestion. Very fresh with deliciously rounded fruit flavour! I'm surprised it didn't earn a 'glugalicious'! And given the price it's probably worth getting a few bottles in for the Xmas leftover concoctions which are nearly always better than the main deal.


  2. hey spldge I bought a bottle - It better be good

  3. hey anon, fair comment, I still reckon it's a steal for £3.99. What did you think of it?