Wednesday 23 December 2009

I'll take the "Last train to Clarkston"

Or not, because 2 inches of snow fell overnight, and as a result, the trains were "off". Al-Qaeda must be kicking themselves. After years of plotting, infiltration and general subterfuge, turns out a few well placed snow machines is all you really need to bring one of the world's biggest economies to it's knees.

Without trains I couldn't leave the garage. Taxis are too expensive and I just don't understand busses. Since I had to be elsewhere, there wasn't time to fit the new exhaust while I waited. (instead I have put the money in a 'special place' so I can pay for it next year and I am definitely not going to use it to go to Rogano for cocktails, followed by dinner at the Loon Fung, more drinks then onto somewhere ropey till the early hours.... no definitely not... err...). The patient was patched up while I played Santa. Brian's not just a great mechanic, he's a musician too. So the wine's name seemed appropriate.

A Christmas haircut is quickly followed by Christmas shopping at the new Hamleys store, then across the road to Che Camille and it's job done..

My Dad will just have to get in touch with his feminine side this year.

Now, after all that hard work, time for the best bit. This years cocktail - The Negroni - the crack cocaine of cocktails. The snow's still on my boots as I'm mixing them.

The initial investment seems steep... but believe me, you're worth it. Easy peasy to make too. Equal measures of about 1 fl oz each. I prefer Dubonnet but you can use any sweet red vermouth. Pour them into a glass with lots of ice, stir vigorously then pop in a slice or two of orange. Novices may want to top up with tonic water or soda... but it's much better straight.

This is a magical drink. Where there is darkness, it will bring light. No matter what is ailing you, it'll be long forgotten by the time you've finished the glass. One word of warning though... one's just right, but two's never enough... (mmm, now where did I put that money)...

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