Sunday 6 December 2009

Social Workers Wine

The rain appears to have stopped. The permanent, torrential rain that is. It's just the normal rain now, and the darkness. It'll be grim till March, it always is. Although I don't often listen to Glasvegas, just now, their 'wall of bleak sound' cheers me up no end. Two negatives make a positive perhaps?

Recently a leaflet came through the door explaining where my considerable Council Tax payments go. In first place, fair enough, came Education. Second though was a big surprise, because last year Glasgow spent a staggering £453,657,300 on Social Work. Staff costs alone were £163 million. That's a lot of social workers. So frankly, that Glasvegas lyric is genius.

Social Workers deal with a lot of seriously bad shit, but there are no TV dramas based on them. They're not the subjects of novels, they don't get featured in lifestyle magazines and any publicity tends to be negative. Yet clearly there are tens of thousands of them out there, working for departments with huge budgets. That's a lot of purchasing power and it got me thinking...

Actually, why stop at social workers? What about bin men, sorry, Refuse Disposal Facilitators, traffic wardens (right enough the Beatles gave them a song and it didn't help), undertakers?

And here's the tune that first tapped into such a potentially lucrative market...

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