Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ultimate Bargain

God damn the internet. Without it's increasing accessibility, this wine has such a bizarre price, you could run sweepstakes trying to guess it.

In Asda, or Asdas as we used to call it in Wales, just now, this utterly delicious glass of springtime will set you back £4.83. Weirdly, as Jamie Goode pointed out on his blog, in the same supermarket, on the same shelf, the 'standard' Montana Sauvignon Blanc will cost you twice as much. The 'standard' is nice enough, the 'reserve' is a notch up.

So get down to Asdas before this pricing weirdness gets sorted. Because if you like New Zealand Sauvignons, you should fill the boot and spend the summer chuckling.

1 comment:

  1. Cheers! And thanks for the pricing info - the reserve really is a cut above. At the cellar door it's twice the price of the standard so how on earth does it get to be cheaper halfway across the planet?

    Oh, and last time I was at Montana they were calmly offering tastings to the tunes of Darcy Clay. There's something about sipping sav to the strains of "Jesus I was Evil" that's uniquely NZ. (: You'd love it, Mr Rippon.