Wednesday, 5 May 2010


It was a landmark Bank Holiday Weekend. Something inside me changed forever. Finally it's over...

Now, at last, I can do it, I too can buy second hand... ahem, I mean 'vintage' shoes. And what a pair. Brogue boots? Didn't even know they existed. They appear to have been polished black.

My phobia stemmed from the thought of the previous incumbents. Feet can be pretty minging and I didn't fancy catching something. Anyway, these passed the sniff challenge.

This is going to result in a considerable saving over the years, so to celebrate shoes that only cost £18, I thought something nice and leathery smelling should do the trick.

There's plenty of old leather in this wine and a fair whiff of feral animal too. I've never drunk wine from an old boot... can't imagine many people have... but this is what it would probably taste like. Especially if the boot belonged to a werewolf. Don't get me wrong, there's also loads of delicious raspberry fruit too, a great texture, a lovely long lasting finish and a refreshingly light 12.5% alcohol. It's real beauty and the beast stuff. I love it.

Someone tweeted the other day that they were out with a friend who was wearing an old tweed jacket when a bunch of neds shouted across the street, "Vintage Cunts". Genius.

The wine is new to Yapp. Came as part of a mixed case for £85 including delivery.

The shoes came from the Glasgow Vintage Company by Kelvinbridge.

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