Monday, 22 February 2010

Thoroughly Boroughly

Happy grass fed free range organic smiley faced foie gras burgers in a Danish farmers rye kerplotten bun... or words to that effect. The riverside entrance to Borough Market is rammed full of 'added value' fast food. Frankfurter? No. Sustainable Welsh-oak smoked wild boar sausage? Probably. The considerable queues were populated by affluent thirty something foodies, dribbling lifestyle from their favourite orifice. By the time I'd squeezed through to the market proper I was covered in a patchwork of expensive stains.

It was my first time this weekend. All anyone has ever said to me for years is, "Oh you've got to, you'll absolutely love it ", so of course, I never went. This Saturday the weather was beautiful and the hangover hadn't fully set in, so I went. I always crave seafood the morning after the night before.

Brown shrimps. £3.50 per 100g. Everyone else thought they looked like maggots, which I suppose they do, so I got to scoff the lot while musing on the poor sod who had to peel them and wondering what maggots might taste like.

Borough Market is impressive. It's no Boqeria, but it must be the best farmers market in the country... in the city. There's an awful lot to nibble, chew and slurp.

And while some prices are a bit steep, most are reasonable for central London, especially given the quality.

My favourite spot at the market was Bedales. A great little haven of very good wine and I bumped into Douglas Blyde of Intoxicating Prose! Nice to finally meet London's premier wine blogger.

Jane fancied a Pomerol and the guys suggested this.

Seriously good wine, savoured outside because inside was full. There's something about drinking Pomerol alfresco in February from quality glassware... it's just so... lifestyle. As we drank a little spill joined my jumper alongside a blob of Jamaican goat curry. Nice.


  1. Borough Market is to Farmers' markets what Fortnum & Mason is to corner shops but thank God for that!

  2. ah yes, very true Haddon... and that's a great picture of the Angel of the North on your website!

  3. Ah, too bad I didn't know you were coming to the market! I work for Borough Wines and can usually be found there weekends freezing my ass off! It would have been fun to join you and Douglas for a drink after the market. Next time! D

  4. Hey Denise, what a shame, I didn't realise you worked there, it would have been lovely to meet up. Definitely next time!