Friday, 26 February 2010

Fashion Splodge

I don't know that much about fashion but I know what I like...

My favourite 'off schedule' party at the last London Fashion Week was Digitaria's. They've since changed their name to MACHINE-A, a better name, and their party was even better than last time... once I'd managed to squeeze my way in, and I'm not really 'squeezing' material.

Earlier that day we'd been in Hoxton, where the square really is the only square around. After watching someone's dog rip another's to pieces in Old Street tube station, I spent an hour in a vintage shop watching someone try on the same dress. Eventually concluding that since it was really just the sleeves she liked, there was no point in buying it. Then I had a fashion moment and just blurted out... "Sleeve-ees" .. you what? "Sleeve-ees, detachable sleeves that you can add on to any outfit" ... erm, I see, and how would they stay on... "Err, Velcro".. don't think that would work... "Some sort of chain, yes, some sort of chain at the front and back"... I, at least, was very pleased with this.

So as I was bobbing up and down next to Warboy's decks, I started imaging how different it will be next time...

Hey, look over there, the awkward looking chap in the hot looking coat (hot in the original sense), next to Johnny Blue Eyes, that's Fashion Splodge, Mr Sleeve-ees!
Then I happened to glance down at some of the shop's merchandise...

No way... fing-ees! Looks like Gabriella Marina Gonzalez is heading in the same direction. I'd better be quick... this is gonna be big.

No weird drinks this time, just lots and lots of lager and some brilliant Toby jugs.

Check out STYLE SCANNER who'll shortly be posting pics of the many talented and beautiful people who were at this party. In the meantime, here's an excellent film of a Gabriella Marina Gonzalez fashion show by Matthew Charlie Robinson.

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