Saturday, 17 October 2009

Of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Green's an overrated colour. Those who live in the wettest places deceive themselves of it's beauty. The truth is, nature often looks best when it's dying.

Cottiers, once a church, was memorably described by a friend as 'full of loud c**ts with kitchen brochures sticking out their back pockets'. Not any more, recessions aren't all bad.

Outside, inhaling sweet hops, there's a sense that something dreadful just happened. The stunned calm borne of shock. That sinking-in feeling.

It's shattered when a visiting businessman stands and shouts into his phone... "Jeff? Ah THE Jeff, ha-ha-ha, what is he like!". As another leaf falls from the tree, I'm reminded that we all die alone.


  1. Those pictures remind me of Tomb Raider videogame.. I love them, so peaceful....

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  2. Thanks M.C.
    It was the penultimate day of a week of beautiful autumn weather in Glasgow. Alas, all wind and rain again now.