Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Divine intervention

Ordinarily I'm with the Woodlands Road box ticker. But then, later that evening, something truly amazing appeared before me...

I felt elated, overcome with wonder, the senses enveloped by pure joy. Hallelujah, for my cup did overfloweth with fermented gorgeousness.

To sup of this, is to drink the very body of the earth that created it. Rolling Burgundian hills, golden harvests and a mellow sense of time lapping gently at your feet. I was led to it by a prophecy...

"Try this, it's very good", he said.

(Omnipresence via mail order)


  1. That's fantastic! I have one of those alpha posters at the end of my street. None of the boxed are ticked... yet!

  2. Ah, but which box will you tick?
    Remember philospher, atheist and flutterer Pascal's famous gambit: Always bet God exists, that way you've everything to gain and nothing to lose.