Monday, 25 May 2009

Stravaigin 2 for brunch

It's easy to forget about Stravaigin 2. The sibling to Stravaigin on Gibson Street. Tucked away down a lane off Byres Road. The advantage for punters is that seats are available outside long after everything else in the West End has been taken. Why are there so few places to sit out in Glasgow?

It's not a bad spot. You get to watch thin people trying on clothes in the Commes de Garcon Guerilla Store next door. Which, despite the name, doesn't stock much for the, ahem, larger sized. Still, while they flaunt their physique, or rather lack of it, we get to do something they can't.... eat food and keep it down.

We ate from the brunch menu. Other offerings looked tempting too. When they arrived, my eggs benedict were a bit, well, more than a bit, suggestive....

Nice hollandaise but the eggs were slightly overdone. I prefer mine gushing with runny yolk, these created more of a smudge effect and there was a strange dangly bit that shouldn't have made it to the table. That said, they were pretty good to eat. 
The French toasts with bacon and maple syrup caused instant dish envy.

Smokey maple syrup and bacon with the crunch of eggy toast. All washed down with coffee and a ginger beer.... that's Sunday for you.

Competent cooking, I'll come back to try the evening menu and wine list soon.

8 Ruthven Lane
G12 9BG
0141 334 7165

10 Ruthven Lane
G12 9BG
0141 339 2315


  1. Very suggestive eggs, as you say, but cheerfully so. They appear to have a fascination with chives. The second photo almost looks like they're putting a hex on you...

  2. Ha, I hadn't twigged! Fortunately for me, less so for her, it was my companions dish, I'd better warn her.....