Friday 15 May 2009

Pictures at an exhibition...

Just back from the Recoat gallery's opening night of 'Crystal is the New Wolf'. An exhibition of work by Will Barras and Rue Five. The weather's awful, pouring rain and it's the first time I've been to an opening here. The space is 'intimate', 'compact and bijou'...... tiny. They seemed like a nice crowd. Actually, a bit too nice. Surely great art requires at least a sprinkling of suffering? A pinch of pain? A teensy bit of torture? This lot looked far too healthy. 

We were even offered a complimentary Corona beer ... chilled and with a wedge of lime! Lovely, but did anyone ever create great art after a night on the Coronas?  They had other nice sounding drinks too, but shouldn't drinks associated with art have more of a whiff of toil? British Sherry or large plastic bottles of cheap cider seem more appropriate. There's just not enough 'struggle' in quaffing a delicious limey refreshing beer while pondering pictures.

Will Barras's picture 'Pearl Fisher' was best for me, no photo I'm afraid, but thought these were good too, and I like the Japanese influence in some of his work.

Earlier today I went to see 'Synecdoche New York', a great film. One character's an artist whose work is so miniature that you need a magnifying glass to see it. Rue Five's work almost warranted the same treatment.

The exhibition runs till June 6th and is open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6pm.

(right next door to the Woodside Social Club)
0141 341 0069 

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