Friday 6 February 2009

Wine Society Price Hike

Just received my latest Wine Society catalogue. Now, I'm a really big fan of the WS - a mutual organisation set up in Victorian times to make sure it's members got good wine at a fair price. BUT, there has been a walloping price increase across the range and what really annoyed me was that it's barely mentioned.
There's a lot of guff in the newsletter from the Chairman about the 'mutual benefit' and how the crisis in the financial industry highlights just that..... well, thanks but I know all that.  It's why I joined the WS in the first place.  Then the Chief Exec talks about rising costs and how spending just a little a bit more on wine massively increases the quality of the wine you get. (Because packaging, shipping, duty are fixed costs, the same for all wine).
But at no point does it say.... "Oh, and by the way, you'll probably notice prices have gone up". Which you will!  Do they imagine by ignoring it members won't notice?  Let's take a couple of wines, some of which I've really enjoyed in the past.  Two prices, the first before January 31st; the second is the price now.

WS Cotes du Rhone: £5.50 / £6.75
Lirac 2006: £7.50 / £ 8.95
Gorrebusto Rioja 2004: £7.95 / £9.50
WS Exhibition Gigondas 2005: £10.95 / £13.95

Sadly I'm not often in the market for Chave's wines, but even if I was, this price hike would make my eyes water:

Chave Hermitage 2002: £65.00 / £85.00 !!!!! 
That's a whopping £240 a case more.

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