Wednesday 18 February 2009

Bread Alert !

Ok, it's not wine. But it goes brilliantly. Especially with a nice hard cheese.
It looks like an artisanal bread from a farmer's market. One of those loaves claiming lineage... baked from an ancient Etruscan grain, in a Moroccan mud oven, probably organic and costing £5! The stalls are always surrounded by lifestyle couples with more money than sense and more children than an old lady living in a shoe.
Well, it's not. I made it. What's more it's dead easy, tastes delicious and requires NO kneading!! Hate to sound evangelical but everyone should try this. It uses about 20 pence worth of flour. Credit Crunch Tastic!
The recipe comes from the New York Times, click on those words for a link to the article. There's a link to the recipe half way down the page. The genius who invented this method uses a lidded pot, like a Le Creuset, to recreate the fierce heat associated with wood fired and industrial ovens. I used a cast iron pot and it worked a treat. One word of advice, don't be tempted to oil it first, my kitchen still whiffs. There are probably endless things you could add to it, I tried a few black cumin seeds and some olive oil yesterday, mmm.


  1. hi jonathan. haven't made the bread yet. but grace has an important suggestion to rename the blog: white vin man. g

  2. Ha very funny!! but is it the blogasphere presence I'm after? Actually, any presence is good and you've boosted it by posting my very first comment.... huraah! The prize: the cork from a wine I'll blog about this week to sniff at leisure. Sadly, an all too occasional treat these days as screw caps take over.