Friday, 12 March 2010

Blazing on a Sunday Afternoon

It all started so well. Issi, Alan and baby Hamish came for lunch. A lovely civilised afternoon, culminating in my all time favourite food and wine pairing... Roquefort cheese with Sauternes... it is, quite simply, sublime.
We chatted and mused on whether the Chateau Filhot, despite it's nine years, was still way too young. I think it was. Then, after being freed from childcare duties for the night, Alan suggested the pub. That much I remember, but very little else.

It's always risky going drinking with chefs, that unquenchable thirst brought on from working inside a furnace. I've been getting snippets ever since, even photographs of me chatting away to people I've no recollection of whatsoever. Strange days indeed, most peculiar mama...


  1. Aha - its starting to make a bit of sense. Alan claimed that he had only had a few pints in the pub. But now I see the evidence of bottles of wine being consumed!! No wonder he was so swerve-tastic when he got home!!!

  2. That was one excellent VID perfectly Wonky!