Thursday 20 October 2011

For Those Who Are About To Rock... Wau Salute You!

Wau Cafe's just across the road from Kelvingrove Museum, along that strange little strip of Old Dumbarton Road. It's a Malaysian place with an interesting looking menu, kitsch interior and very friendly owners. Popped in for a bite to eat before heading off to the museum's AC/DC exhibition.

Prawn fritters to start. Cucur Udang? Odd but tasty and a very generous portion. They had a cake like texture with little flecks of dried shrimp throughout. Udang and Sotang Sambal's for mains (prawn and squid).

Both were really good although the squid tasted preserved rather than fresh, it reminded me of those little tins of 'squid in their own ink' you find in supermarkets.

Very nice none the less and the Nasi Goreng accompaniment was exceptional.

Sides were peanuts with tiny little fish and a bowl of chicken stock... I've no idea why, but it mixed nicely with the rice. The fish packed a taste punch well beyond their stature.

They spoke the truth, you wouldn't want to be in a rush. Luckily we weren't and the prices are remarkably cheap. There's no alcohol, instead some very tasty soft drinks like rose petal spritzer. As I sipped it through a straw, Bon Scott turned in his grave.

Kelvingrove Museum's AC/DC exhibition's well worth the £2 entrance fee for Bon Scott's letters alone. They also have some footage of an extraordinary performance at Glasgow's Apollo from 1977. Unfortunately there's also quite a lot of stuff from after Bon Scott's death... when, as far as I'm concerned, AC/DC died too.


  1. Been to this place. Yes, food's delicious and amazingly cheap, worth every penny.

  2. First of all, nothing personal has got to do with my comments, as I never knew the owner & never been there before. This comments is solely made based on my own experience & I hope it could give "actual" image of this cafe so that they could improvise all areas in the future, and stop their daydreaming.

    I heard my friends promoting about this cafe & I went there with 3 family members to check it ourselves. Shockingly, our experience was completely the opposite with what have been told to us.

    1.The special menu for that day was "Nasi Dagang". Since most of us was tired because of walking & shopping, we thought it would be quicker for everyone to get their lunch if we order the same meal, so all of us went for the special menu. But it turned out we have to wait for nearly 1 hour to be served with the meal. If it were a special menu, they should be anticipating most people will order it, therefore they have to make sure that it is well prepared menu. so we were really frustrated that we were served with non-quality drinks for nearly 1 hour before we get the meal. make things worse, the meal portion was really poor. Only a small cut of fish & little soup to be eaten with the rice, and we were charge for about 8 pounds for a plate!!! thats sucks!

    3.I ordered "bubur pulut hitam" as the dessert. when I tasted it, it was RAW!!! The pulut was still undercooked when they served me & it was not fresh/warm, it looks like it was made 2 days earlier!!!

    Overall, the food taste were terrible, the drinks were poor, and most importantly the price were OVER RATED! I would never come to this cafe & would never promote it to anyone unless they rectify this issues.

    Stop day dreaming WAU CAFE & make my comments as a wake up call, because you are serving hungry people, families, some of them come from far just to try your menu, so please make sure you prepare & serve the meal very SINCERELY & not just go for your customers money!!!

  3. I pity your experience, dear anonymous...however, I beg to husband and I have been to this cafe, several times, not only with close friends and family but with relatively influential people from the government and none had ever gone through such an experience.

    The food is great...the drinks are fine..the desserts are lovely...simply delectable....really reminds me of my home,Malaysia...As for the price, i believe it is just so reasonable....

    So, for dear anonymous, i suggest if you plan to take your entire entourage along, do give them a call beforehand...

    To the owners of WOW cafe, keep up the good work and regard any comment as being constructive for the betterment of the cafe!

    -just another malaysian in glasgow-

  4. been here 3 times...ordered a simple menu...still it took around 45 minutes to be ready on every visit! poor service. food taste just ok, 2 out of 5. price? = not worth the taste and service. they should hire an experienced cook!

  5. amboii, seronok betul orang berdengki dengki ni ya. kalau tak suka, kenapa la sampai datang 3 kali? tak paham manusia sifat hasat dengki ni. nak menjatuhkan orang lain, memang seronok ya ada perasaan tu?

  6. well....quite a queer experience u have there during all your three visits to Wau cafe...i have been there so many times and never really got to go through what u claim to have endured...the wait that is for the food to be served...

    went there again last week and had my scrumptiously delicious bowl of 'bandung noodle' within the span of less than 10 i say, your experience was indeed very bizarre to me...


  7. Agreed with proud malaysian,
    The food there are very nice, there is authencity of Malaysian taste in the food, Visited more than three times, each with different companies. No complain there.