Thursday 3 March 2011


"What a gorgeous looking lettuce". The words that actually came out of my mouth as I pulled this from the bag. I blame my grandparents. They didn't hold back when it came to vegetables. Not any vegetable mind. To qualify for wolf whistles they had to grow here. None of that foreign nonsense like "orbojeans". And of all the veg giving them a come on, two in their prime were utterly irresistible. The lettuce and the 'colly'. To see them fondling both, in raptures, you'd think they'd popped drugs. It must have been a war thing, all that rationing.

Seemed fitting to use something frugal to accompany my prize. Squat Lobsters. Not lobsters at all but something visually akin to slaters, or woodlice as they call them south of the border. The tails were £9 a kilo and there's a hell of a lot in a kilo.

Boiled in sea strength salted water then peeled. There was a lot of roe.

You can put anything you like in the salad. I went for some tasty radishes, sexy tomatoes and ooooh, would you look at the cress on that. Spot of homemade thousand island dressing. Delicious.

The wine's £5.99 in Oddbins and a cracker. All lime sherbet refreshment. A bargain and if you buy 6 they'll give you 20% off. Well, don't you know there's a war on! Speaking of which the roe got pummelled with butter, rolled up, refrigerated and then slices got popped on a steak. Phwoar.


  1. Wow, a gorgeous lettuce indeed! The first thing that I ever popped into a vacuum former was a cauliflower. It was a particularly fine specimen, deservedly imprinted forever in perspex.

  2. i think i've met matthias' cauliflower - always had a bit of a thing for a good romanesco...the geometrty!

  3. Cauliflowers in perspex... Phwoar!
    And ahh yes, the romanesco, now you're talking, like gazing upon a miniature planet!

  4. There I was flicking through your blog..and then out of the dense black came that ball of GREEN? Beautiful..