Monday 20 September 2010

Pizza East, Shoreditch

Off to Shoreditch last night for the HOUSE of BLUEEYES Show, part of London Fashion Week, and a little keen so got there early. Inside the pub they'd taken over for the night the final touches were being made... mainly to knitted penises, being enthusiastically fluffed up by both men and women, and yours for just £15. The phrase chocolate teapot sprang to mind.

So we popped along the block to Pizza East for a quick nibble before the main attraction. The place was jumping but they managed to squeeze us in at the bar.

"Anything to drink?" asked our server... "What's the Sangiovese like?"... "Mmm, it's on tap and can be a bit weird, it's particularly weird this weekend, I'll give you a taste". I loved that description and she wasn't kidding. We had a pleasant half litre of Primitivo instead for about £15.

Unfortunately all, or some, of the ingredients were missing from just about every pizza we tried to order. "It's been crazy this weekend". Eventually settled on a cheesy, eggy, leeky one and the classic margherita.

Half of mine hit the floor on it's way to the table. The other half was cold. Lots of genuine apologies and another was promised. The cheesy, eggy, leeky one was good.

The next attempt at a margherita took some time and had to be chased. When it eventually arrived the tomato sauce was raw and they seem to have run out of the advertised buffalo mozzarella too.

It was acknowledged at payment. "I'm really sorry, that was a catastrophe, I'll just charge you for the wine". That was a shame. The staff were friendly and the place was buzzing, just the pizzas and lack of ingredients let it down. Right enough, that's a pretty big 'just' for a pizza joint. I'd definitely give it another shot, but last night, as Reggie Perrin's son in law would say there was a "Bit of a cock-up on the catering front". Which reminded us...

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