Saturday 14 August 2010

The Wee Hurrie, Troon

This isn't just any fish and chip shop... this is a MacCallums the Fishmonger fish and chip shop. To find it just keep driving all the way to the dock in Troon harbour. There isn't any sineage until you're right on top of the place and even then there's not much.

A seemingly pointless lane closure meant I arrived an hour late and absolutely famished.

Everything here, and there's a lot, is cooked to order, so it's probably best not to be in a wee hurry... or starving. It was a long ten minutes before I finally spied my squid tempura being lifted out of the fryer.

Troon's what they call a 'working' harbour. Presumably as opposed to an 'unemployed' or 'retired' harbour.

As I munched away someone popped out from one of the trawlers to meet a guy stumbling down the dock.

"Awe, Davey man, sorry, ended up a 3 bottles of JD night! Totally forgot I was supposed to drop this off". I glanced up and judging by his face he was telling the truth.

The squid was delicious. Nice bite giving way to melt in the mouth tenderness. It wasn't tempura batter but tasty nonetheless.

As I went back to the car an old guy sporting a Pringle sweater came up, "I say, do you know what that ship over there is unloading?"... "No, I was just taking a picture, but I reckon that the ship sized pile of timber on the dock might be a clue!"... "But you don't ACTUALLY know?"... "No". He seemed genuinely annoyed. I could almost hear him thinking... what is the world coming to? People hanging around harbours without even basic shipping knowledge, a chip shop selling squid... he pulled a face and shuffled off.

'Wee Hurrie'
The Harbour,
Harbour Road,
KA10 6DH
01292 319 339


  1. The wee Hurrie is the best fish and chip shop that you'l ever go to! It is freshly made with fish straight from the harbour out front (in front of window) the workers wear gloves and fry the most beautiful, yummy, scrumdidlyumpcious fish you'll ever taste! With the lovely batter and lovely chunky potato chips! the best bit is that there are tables in front of the harbour which is beautiful! Truly the best, great for family and friends! especially in the summer!)

  2. It is ok. the smell is off puting from the sea salt. but otherwise very oily food. so.... yummy!

  3. i dont see why this guy has wrote bad stuff, its a nice place and yummy!

  4. It was very nice, and yummy! Best standards, althogh only one long table a couple of chairs. But when you drive right round u can sit in front of the troon harbour with beautiful scenery! Gorgeous! especilly their haddock and chips with the loely garlic sauce! Just fabulous!

  5. I agree with everyone's comment except for Krashkoooooooooo. It is abso nice. Fish and Chips all sorts! I wen their and saw all the small boats. I also sat in front of the window which was very nice! Enjoyable. 10 OUT OF 10!

  6. If you get some chish and fips from the Wee Hurrie make sure you eat them immediately as they are at their optimum then...very delish...

  7. unlike the name I will be in no hurry to ever go back to this place. I had the haddock and chips, this fish was horrible and the chips nothing special. Most of this was binned