Tuesday 20 July 2010

Drinking Wine

House sitting in Wales just now. It's a bit like squatting with permission. I'd recommend it to anyone, provided the house is a good 'un. Fortunately this one is, although since it belongs to my parents, I couldn't really say anything else.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. Besides lying around in the sunshine wondering... what to eat?... to barbecue or not to barbecue?... whether to have a pre-dinner pint of Bass in the Bridge End garden?... whether it's perhaps best to go for that pint then carry on wondering about all the other stuff?... there are 'responsibilities' too.

In between chasing blackbirds off the figs, it's the little things that niggle when the big things are far away. "Help yourself to our drinking wine", shouted Dad as they headed off to Russia.

Is there any other kind of wine? Ornamental wine? Strictly for external use only wine? I'm guessing he meant 'everyday' wine. So last night, after a hard days wondering, I popped the cork on an interesting looking number from, what appeared to be, the 'drinking' section.

Lovely bouquet of smokey blackberries and a really sensual, fleshy taste. Delicious, so delicious in fact that doubt started to creep in...I decided to take a closer look.

That could be the mark left from a hand corked bottle. Which would mean a very small scale production. Rare, hard to get...

Okay, 30 year old vines, 18 months in small oak barrels and a further 6 months aging in bottle before release. None of that comes cheap... oops. I have resolved to spend today worrying about it...

Cascina Cavolpi Barbera d'Asti Superiore: £ No Idea.


  1. I would Christen a potential child Barbera in the grape's honour...

    That's an awful lot of walking you're up to?

  2. Ah yes, Tess likes to get out a lot for an octogenarian... in dog years.
    When they came back my Dad asked, "Did you happen to notice an unusual looking Italian wine, no capsule or year on it?"... erm, ahem, yes, sorry it's been drunk.... "What did you think of it?"... it was really lovely, afraid I thought it was 'drinking wine'... "Ah well, the guy across the road gets it off an Italian friend, worked out at £3 a bottle"...

  3. just goes to show what incredible value for money Italian wines are! Lucky for you ;)