Sunday 13 June 2010


That got my attention. I was looking for some respite after my stroll through the park, fishmonger bound, turned into a bit of an obstacle course. The West End Festival was underway and, after narrowly avoiding being hugged by a smelly looking Buddhist Monk, I was subjected to the hilarious 'banter' of two DJs. They were the 'entertainment' for that most oxymoron of oxymorons... the Fun Run. They wouldn't shut up, I nearly started running just to get away. Unfortunately, it turned out the lobster rolls had been heading in the opposite direction just as fast. No wonder, so I got chatting to Lisa, who runs Coffee, Chocolate and Tea. She'd been reading about a new way with coffee...

Sparkling mineral water topped with a shot of espresso! "Shall we try it out?" She asked mischievously. How could I possibly refuse.

Well, how to describe this? It is totally, utterly.... erm... different. You get the full on flavour of the coffee then suddenly this fizzy, foamy coldness. As we decided these ones were too big and smaller might work better... WOOSH... the caffeine hit us. Must have been the bubbles. Wow, after gibbering on for quite some time I headed off to MacCallums fishmonger. All buoyed up I got a bit excited and bought...

A turbot. King of fish. This one cost £12 and weighed a kilo.

Made a stock from the bones, then used it as a base for a shellfish saffron risotto with some new season broad beans and chervil... my new favourite herb.

It was seriously good, honest, and what was left was even better a few hours later after coming back from The Halt Bar's mini festival.

Drank a bottle of rose from Provence, via Waitrose, for £6.49. It went exceptionally well... so well, most of it got drunk before I remembered to take a picture. Lovely wine for the money. Proper French dry stuff.


  1. What a great post. So many interesting things going on. I want to know more about the lobster sandwich. And even more about the bubbly coffee. What inspired it?!

    The turbot dish looks stunning by the way.

  2. Hola Paunchos,
    Many thanks for the compliments. The turbot was damn tasty.
    The cafe is owned by a fishmonger and apparently he popped in the other day with a few Scottish lobsters and a mallet. They'd sold out by the time I turfed up, so keeping an eye out for the next batch.
    If you like such things, then Pearl Oyster Bar in New York does a mind blowing lobster roll- there's almost a whole one in them- served with straw fries. It's incredible. Right enough, it's a long way to go for a sarny.

  3. The coffee experiment reminds me of a drink back in Melbourne - the Gary Ribald consisting of beer, sugar and a espresso chaser. Sounds awful but it all somehow works. If you want a DIY version, have a pot of beer, pour in a stick of sugar and then the coffee. Down in one go. Weirdly delicious!

  4. hey Briony, I've only just got my head around the sparkling water and coffee... now sweetened beer... you're twisting my melon man!
    Actually I've been experimenting with something unusual mixed with espresso too... will post the results soon!
    Nice to hear from a fellow Glasgow blogger.

  5. Food blogging is massive in Melbourne (my hometown) but doesn't seem to be so big over here? Perhaps I have missed something but this is one of the few I've found! Keep up the great blogging, I really enjoy reading it :)