Wednesday 7 April 2010

If only all Tuesdays could be like this...

As locations go, it seems this one went. A flattened post industrial landscape just beyond Shields Road underground station. Fortunately, a bit more wandering revealed it was just a glitch with the internet map.

There were few clues on the outside as to what lurks within, just a hint in reception that this place may not be a purveyor of industrial widgets.

We were here to see the 'Shooting Gallery' exhibition and in particular the work of Kevin Hunter, artist brother of Adrian who manages Pete Doherty.

I spotted the bar. Well it was hard to miss and so disproportionately huge and 'proper' looking that I seriously thought it might be an installation.

Still, I had a punt anyway, "What's in it?" I asked the barman..."Mainly rum", and he laughed as I tried to pay. He wasn't kidding, after two pieces of fruit I was merry, half way down the drink I was anyones.

Soon after a man introducing himself as Scott stood up to say a few words. He explained about the art, the exhibition, forthcoming attractions and then, I began to start thinking there was more in my drink than just rum. Because Scott started saying this place was also a training college for 'mixologists', the creme de la creme of cocktail shakers... "P P P P Pardon??"... "Am I hallucinating?".. I was trying to take in this googly when he bowled another... there were in fact two bars that would be serving all manner of delicious drinks all night for free. Then he pointed upwards...

"Up there, behind the DJ, you'll find the Bourbon bar". Christ, and I nearly drove... result!!!

There was about quarter of a bottle of Makers Mark in this Old Fashioned. Wow, the olden days must have been some place. A bit of enjoyable chat was followed by two absolutely cracking whisky sours.

Then it really was time to go. Quite apart from the fact that I was seriously considering coming to live here permanently, there was 'We Have Band' to see at The Captains Rest...

They were bloody brilliant.

Click here for details of the Shooting Gallery artists.

The exhibition was run by the LA Group.
You can contact them and it's Managing Director Scott Gemmell at: / 0141 429 8989. I'd recommend doing so.
Click here for their website.

Click here for the marvelous We Have Band.


  1. Wasn't it a great wee night.....was really nice chatting to you and Marina :-) Love your write up! I am VERY fragile today however.....haha :-) Roz (Kev's burd)

  2. Hey Roz,
    Many thanks for the compliments. It was nice meeting you guys too. I still can't quite believe what happened... like when you wake up and go... "Ah, of course, it was a dream"... only this time it wasn't!!

  3. Had to re-read the paras either side of the rum photo: "...I was anyone's..." "...Soon after, a man..." But I caught up and we were all back on track. Then I read your comment, above. Cripes. Exactly what is 'mixology' anyway, and does Marina know? Ross

  4. Hello Ross,
    It was Marina's doing. I was all settled down for a night by the fireside, reading a big book and toasting my chestnuts.
    Arriving I expected to get the usual gallery glass of 'dirty' white wine and subsequent days hangover... so what an incredible surprise.
    As for the rum, well, as they say, 'worse things happen at sea'...