Friday 15 January 2010

The Wine Splodge Exercise Plan

It feels like it's time to address the weeks of over eating and drinking, but I'm not big on resolutions. Too much pressure, too much commitment. Far better to have a notion and drift into it. So my notion this year is to get a bit fitter. It shouldn't be too hard given my starting position, but it's not the first time I've tried.

The problem last time was method. My attempts at yoga reduced onlookers to hysterics. I sweat just thinking about gyms, my eyes react badly to chlorine and my bike's long gone. Eventually I settled on jogging, reasoning that I'd get fit while the evenings were still dark and be less of a sight by the summer. Unfortunately, it wasn't dark enough... mothers would grab their children close at my pounding approach and I decided to quit before getting arrested. Actually, their reaction may have had something to do with the trainers. Sports 'gear' is a very good reason to never do sport.

This year though, I've cracked it. It's a stick then carrot approach.

This is the conventional route to The Doublet from my flat. It's one of the few 'traditional' boozers left in the West End, in as much as a pub founded in 1962 sporting a vaguely Alpine themed decor can be.

My breakthrough came with a little route adjustment...

At a fast pace this works a treat and you really work up a thirst. The advantage of The Doublet is that I never fancy staying too long. The place is so brightly lit it must have burnt its own little hole in the ozone layer and frankly, that lighting isn't doing the regulars any favours. So it's one delicious pint of draft Cruzcampo lager - fine bubbled salty tanged refreshment - to replenish my carbohydrates then back home for supper. Job done and so enjoyable that I'll need to take care not to become one of those 'exercise addicts'.


  1. Ahh, now that's what's been missing from my (many) attempts a disciplined gym exercise regime... incentive! Inspired! A

  2. Looks more like the 'Heath Robinson' exercise plan to me!