Wednesday 2 September 2009

Oops I did it again.

"20% off 6", said a big cartoon poster as I strolled purposefully towards Oddbins for a bottle to go with dinner. 20 minutes later, and £48 lighter, I was heading home. Why do I always fall for it?

First out of the box is Perrin's 2007 Cotes Du Rhone Nature. An organic wine that appears to have been endorsed by the butterflies.
Made mainly from Grenache grapes. At first it's quite sultry with hints of childhood... Blackjacks, wood smoke and raspberry ripple.

But it grows up quick. Pretty soon there's eucalyptus masking the smoke, white pepper, powdered chocolate and the fruit seems more mature, bruised even. With a couple more swirls in the glass it transforms into a heady, herby, gobby wine. I love it. Probably best with grilled meats and vegetables but it's damn good on it's own.
Look, it even shed a tear for the polar bears. Not that innocent.

Normally £9.99 but about £7.99 if you buy any 6 bottles. Buy, buy, buy.


  1. I'm all about the natural wines now, will have to check it out! BTW, are you on twitter and if not, you should be. I'm @thewinesleuth of course! And are you considering going to the European winebloggers conf in portugal end of oct? It's a great conf. I went to both the US and Euro one last year. Here is my link, I just wrote about it

  2. Not a twitterer yet, inflicting strangers with the endless stream of nonsense inside my head has always seemed unfair. There is a lot of it. I'd become like Twitter spam, believe me, you'd regret it.
    Generally speaking I try to avoid anything with the word 'conference' in the title. But your write up and those smiley Portugese winemakers offering lifts from the station and BBQs, make this one sound rather jolly. Alas, I can't go, but looks like you'll have a great time.