Friday, 7 August 2009

Virtual Prose

Cripes, wasn't expecting that. Actually meeting up with a proper blogger. Strewth.
All sorts of nonsense started running through my head, after all, où exactly est Wine Splodge? After the initial shock I warmed to the idea and was actually very flattered.

We arrived 10 minutes early and, by sheer fluke, bagged the best table in Stravaigin, for 4, because a journalist pal was accompanying him. The Bloody Marys were top drawer. The menu was on form too. Perfect... too perfect.. because then this chirped up.

Awe, bums. Anyway by now, rather fuelled up with adrenalin and vodka, we decided to go ahead regardless. So, this is for Douglas, his virtual three hour visit to a bit of the West End of Glasgow....
First of all what to drink? I am after all 'Wine Splodge', the wines read all so, err, conventional. Quickly squinting around, my eyes spotted and like my camera, nearly focussed, on this.

What I read was: " Mekong Sparkling Pinot Noir, fertilised by an Austrian and his brother Angus from Aberdeen, to create a bionic wine for his wedding"... now that's definitely not run of the mill!

Gorgeous, light, effervescent loveliness. Like cavorting with an alpine maid in a flower strewn meadow.
The Nasi Goreng was also excellent. Lightly spiced and with a poached egg that had been cooked to look like a testicle, how clever.

Squid with OK sauce, or was it KO sauce? Anyway, just what I was after. Spot on. Didn't go with the wine at all though.

A stroll up Great Western Road past Mellis where, of course...

...the best, ripest, runniest Gorgonzola I know, was on special offer. Next, popped into Heart Buchanan for some espresso sustenance.

A quick look for cravats and interesting shirts...

Then next stop, Ashton Lane.

Avoiding horrendous blots like 'Nude' we headed for the Ubiquitous Chip, also part of the Stravaigin family. Founded in 1971, possibly the world's first gastropub?

Alasdair Gray recently touched up his own mural, making the route to the toilet rather decorative.

Before heading off to the airport, just time for a glass of South African viognier on the new roof terrace. Thank God for the smoking ban, so many nice new spaces outdoors these days.

Cheerio Douglas, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Hi there. Claire Bothwell mentioned your site to me when round at her's for dinner the other week. Very funny and, as a fellow wine fanatic, am really enjoying the wine tips. Ordinarily don't go below the £5-7 threshold, but the M&S Vina da Tavola is a great wee buy for some easy mid-week quaffing, AND light enough in alcohol to avoid an overhang the next day! The Meinklang is available to buy at Delizique - is all raspberries and cream isn't it?!

  2. Hello Sonnda and thanks for the comment, always nice to hear from a fellow wine fanatic. Glad you like the M&S VdT too...I can be clumsy so anything that helps avoid overhangs is always good!
    Didn't know they sold the Meinklang @ Delizique, hopefully a bit cheaper? And, yes, raspberries definitely... cream too, perhaps a touch of the cream sodas? I shall have to buy another bottle just to check.

  3. That's it exactly! Cream soda. With rasps. I KNEW there was something escaping me. But then it was Dec I last drank it - another bottle obviously well overdue ;-)