Saturday 11 July 2009

Inn at the Deep End

Some things do exactly what they say on the packet. I'd always presumed that was the case with this place, so was surprised when friends suggested dinner here on Friday. Awe, poor things, they've had a funny turn, best play along though... one toasty or two I wondered?

It's a beautiful building and maintains a lot of it's original Victorian interior upstairs, the restaurant however, is below...

Inside, away from the whiff of chlorine, the decor's reminiscent of Brittany Ferries circa 1995. Not too hopeful, we ordered some cocktails. They were made with care and tasted good, no mean feat in Glasgow. Even better, the pricing was contemporary with the decor, £3.95 each! Then the menus arrived...

Again, at this price, I'm happy if it's edible. It was. Very.
Scallops with chorizo. Both very nice, but not really a match, the chorizo was too spicy.

Mussels were plump and fresh. It wasn't mariniere as billed, but a cream rich sauce. Good all the same.

The waitress was great and used to work at the Chardon d'Or on West Regent Street.

For mains we had a lovely piece of halibut, a huge, very tasty fillet steak and delicious lamb chops. All at prices that were hard to comprehend. Not flash, but good competent cooking.

We had the two most expensive wines on the list for £16 a bottle. A Chablis 2007 from Brocard. Lovely- bracing, minerally and I'm sure my teeth are whiter today. And this rather good Montagne St Emilion...

Clubs often need to look at new ways to generate income. Apparently this restaurant's part of the Western's strategy to do just that. It is great value but the numbers just can't add up, I was about to say go quickly before they do... however, there's a problem. I've just called to check and you need a member to sign you in to eat. How absurd is that? It explains why there was just one other table there on a Friday night.
If they ever open this eatery to the riff-raff then go. If they don't, it'll be gone before the autumn. Restaurants with more staff than customers do not survive. Especially when they're serving top quality ingredients at mid 90s prices.

8-12 Cranworth Street,
0141 576 0294


  1. Nothing beats a good whiff of chlorine... I'm flying to Scotland tomorrow for a four day Arran excursion. I've been granted a little free time in Glasgow, Sunday afternoon. If you'd like to meet-up for a snifter, do let me know...

  2. That's a great idea, would love to. We're going to friends for Sunday lunch, so hopefully before or after. Let me know your timings and I'm sure we can work something out. What's the best way to contact you?
    Arrans' a bit short of decent places to buy wine, mind the brewery's very good!

  3. Hi there - best way is via: - I'm 'docking' back in Glasgow at 12:15, then onto the airport for flight back to London at 5pm. The earlier, the better, I suppose, even if you can only manage half an hour.

  4. This place sounds like a hidden gem amongst the usual Glasgow restaurants, I'm going to have to find somebody with members access and get myself a meal of 'top quality ingredients at mid 90s prices.'